Friday, August 14, 2009

Sino Indo Love tale

Well I have been in Sikkim for the last 6 months and that in other words takes me to Nathula and GuruDonmarg Lake which are very near to China Border or in other words China Border. Any way the fact thatbeing so near to China often compels me to wonder what if someday these two lock horns. Any way this is a weak attempt to write what I feel is the current scenario of Indian Military with respect to Chinese Might.

While myself and Ashutosh were tottering in the Border of Nathulaa something unusual happened. Suddenly all tourists were stopped and people were not allowed to go to the zero point in Nathulla. Now as far as my idea goes this dosnot usually happens everyday, though the soilders were honest in informing us that theres somekind of tension on the line and hence for safty we were stopped in the cafeteria itself. Though some other rumers floated that a general has came with his family and hence we were not allowed to move in to the zero point in case we block thier view and all such things. But then after few days I came to know that India has installed some tanks in the Sikkim border and China is doing thier largest Military exercise in the other side of the border. Then also came to know that the intensity of Chinese infiltration in Indian side is quite huge and happens in regular interval of time. It is also rumered that many of the nice warm Indian bunkers are under chinese rule at the moment and it seems that the Chinese are not really satisfied with the same and they want more.

Now if we really see closely to the facts and figures one thing stands out from the rest is currently India is totally surronded by China in every fornt. Chittagong, Burma, China, Arunachal, Sikkim, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This is itself is a quite scary stiutation which I dont think our Psuedo Intellectuals have to understand. This basically means we will be cut off to a significant level from our allies if there is a full frontal war that ever takes place in India.

In case of Military strength every one knows China has that 4.4 million standing army and Indias 1 million but that not the issue. In Naval and Air Power China is far more in number and technology where as India is still holding on to its Mig 21s which was used as early as Vietnam War. Any way rather that going into statestics well all know that to reach Chinas Might India if they start to plan thing from today will take around 50 more years to reach to a respectable position.

What more is an issue in Indian context is we need good governance in order to cut down these huge cooruptions and scams that goes around in the defence deal and all other government and military tender that goes around here. But thing is how do we ensure that we have this system of good goverenace in place and in time. Coz if we really open our eyes we can really see that time is really short and the clock has started ticking already. It already is evident is India is surrounded and if you truly think that you have allies think again......When I look up into the map I really find ourselves alone and segregrated......and remember Nosterdamus foretold something of a great race being wiped out of the face of the world in this century....I hope that race is not the Hindu Race ....the oldest one in this world...

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