Monday, August 08, 2011

Wake up

To Kurt
Life is a prison of myriad dreams
Wake up if yu will to hear the screams
Another life , another folly
Come on girl lets play jolly

Big daddy’s pulling the string
But the bird’s struggling with a broken wing
Acrid smoke killed the entire nightingale in B-wing
Now there s no one left to sing

The smoking gun is lying empty
Some one said the head wound wasn’t that deadly
It is said that she went out to find God in the night
While he sat behind, trying to heal his malignant blight

And then you hear bomb dropping
Liquid gold is the new thing in
So then there was a blood baths
But we sat back with a cola and a hat

Placed with a choice or an option
Doped away to elation
Floated in the clouds with the archangels
Came down to found everyone in bangles

And then came the macho bro of mine
And she said oh please don’t whine
Loaded with loads of steroid and attitude
Yet somehow their head was just too crude

Ask a question to answer my desire
Would you breed or would you hire
Whether passion is similar to fire
Or are the needs just too much dire?

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Banz said...

very nice rahul ..write more often