Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Black Pegasus from my Dreams

To Kurt
A white walled room, with a dais in the center stage
The sands of time were lost somewhere in the haze
And he was singing among the gods, with a guitar around his neck
And they didn’t mind him sing, said he was a fake

Some how I was looking for my brother, when I noticed him
Felt like an old man trying to dust his sin
Though in life I have seen his picture, though him to be thin
And the angles went off to their duties carrying proudly their angelic fin

He kept singing for all that mattered to him
Enthralling me to stay back as long as he sing
O how it feels to be mortals standing among the gods
Sadly we both ignored the gods and held on to each other

He played for me and me alone
Didn’t care if any one frown
I stood there for him and him alone
For his song made its way in my bone

The god took an insult when we mortals didn’t pay them heed
Said we are sinners and must be paid for our greed
All we did was entertain each other as long as we stood
But the angles came up to force us apart and sniggered under their hood

Then there was a trumpet sound announcing our demise
The angles will race in mighty Pegasus to show us their might
One mortal who is greater of we two will be challenged in the race
The idea was nothing much, but just to blacken our face

The angles sat upto the mightiest white Pegasus back
While he was given small and weak Pegasus which was black
And there the bugle range again, sounding the beginning
Though we both knew that the race won’t be clean

As they rode to glory, I found him trail behind
As if he was tired of all the toils of this previous life
Yet there he was riding behind every one
And it was just like that, we both were not having any fun

Well the human soul is mighty thing
The angles didn’t plan their bargain
He was born to win
And so his Pegasus suddenly took up wing

Ohh how lovely it seems when we mortal beat angles in their own race
I wonder perhaps that why they cover their hooded face
Yet one is foolish to underestimate the angles grace
One took out a crossbow to end the embarrassing case

I saw the bolts strike the black Pegasus down
He was winning, but now they won’t let him have the crown
I followed him with his fall
But the fall from the heave its way too tall

I knew where to find him again
Though I was not very certain
The doubt and fear in me would hold me back
But the curiosity make be back track

There I was again in a white walled room
Though none of us were supposed to be there so soon
The fire in the fire place was in full bloom
5 bloated figured stood there as if facing their doom

I tried frantically to look for him
I knew in my heart, that what happened was an unforgiving sin
I searched the bloated green face of theirs looking for my kin
Asking my self what I can do to find him

Then I look at the 5th one staring at me
The eyes were asking me to properly see
I didn’t knew now what to do, now once I have found him
I am too small to undo the sin

The five stood back looking through me
As they were looking through my soul to eternity
I was looking for one and still I wonder
The other four were brothers and sister who were waiting forever

They came time and again to amuse our desire
Yet no one understood their passionate burning fire
Though the cause was not too much dire
They would bribe the angle and get the black Pegasus on hire


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