Thursday, August 01, 2013

The game

To Kurt
And smiling across there he bled
While the thief ran up the parapet
Disguised as the vigilante he said
Hear o all, I am thy savior, and I demand respect

The respect was a price to pay
For the game of chair that they all play
Democracy was a mimicry tuned during Independence Day
And he bled there as he lay

Forever it was not so good a place to be in
The piper hums along with his nasty tune and we followed him
Not knowing that the sea of corruption was lying behind the inn
Oh to take a plunge of faith and to find the candle dim

The joker cried as we smiled
The thief and the janitor made up their mind
Then there was a thunder across the sky
Then we found out we all were to die

There will always be a smoking gun
But the thief will always have fun
We all were never a part of this game
The janitor and the joker were the same

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