Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Wanderer

To Kurt
                As the cold wind swipes my face
                And the gale raise high and dances
                As the morning sun plays hide and seek
                And the rain dampens all your spirits meek
                I, the lone wolf, is always on the move
                And I don’t have anything to prove
                Never to stay in one place twice
                Never to pay that ultimate Price

                You make noise and clamor
                With your small glorified travel for praise and glamour
                But have you tasted the salt of a rain
                Have you ever strained your ears to the winds song of pain?

                We often cross each other in the highway
                To the onlookers we look same on any given day
                But, don’t let it fool your own self
                Unlike you all, to know myself, I don’t need help

                We tread the same road but different path
                Your invisible chain will bring you back to your berth
                While the rain, the sun, the wind and fogs are my constant friend
                You keep you visor down, complaining you try to blend

                But, I don’t have a shackle of gold to hold my wings
                Neither do I have a golden wings
                I broke those bonds quite some ages back
                And wander across the world, riding my dreams


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