Thursday, November 23, 2006

A man makes his own destiny

A man makes his own destiny…..or does he makes sympathy with it. No matter what apathy it is between a man and his destiny but it seems like some uncontrollable power which governs the life of all kind of life forms in this earth. Ok so why is it so. Why is there control in every step of life? Life is controlled by some invisible variables which play tricks now and then and then again death is one of the biggest variables in ones life. Life and death plays a singular role but these entities in themselves are huge and are a governing factor of each other from time and again.
So how much does destiny plays a vital role in ones life. Is it a fallacy in mans thinking process that destiny is an inevitable guiding path of ones life or is it the simplicity in itself that destiny is a joke and can be controlled by us….
Destiny …..What is it….the way of life…luck….happening of our life…patterns of life….or is it a question of what or when. Do we make choices or the choices are made and we only understand why the choices were made. Are we really rational in our thinking or is it a pre determined process of programmed thoughts that only reminds us time and again that we are only a slave of our own thoughts. Do we guide our self or are we just following a mere pattern that’s pre defined.
We judge or are it a fallacy of our thinking patterns. Do we like to control others or in this process do we end up controlling our own thought process and end up dumping our thought process in the dustbin called ALTRUSIM AND TRUE GODWILL OF ALL MANKIND.
Why is it that we are so mean? God, good, evil and Saturn ….that has been a driving force of mans life through out its existence. It is power that is everything power is god, power is good….losers is bad and evil and untrue… how much does it matters that destiny is a driving factor. Power is destiny and destiny is your goal.

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soumiksletter said...

"Men do not shape destiny, Destiny produces the man for the hour."
- Fidel Castro
kaku gr8 post.keep the good work goin!