Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Party or Patty

Well its after a long time i am here to jot down few of my stupid thoughts in this record keeping time machine. SO dude u r placed. u have the job u wanted to get and thought u r getting a bit less u know u r doing fine and will do fine.
Then again....all these came for a cost. The cost of losing the lifes best phase. Well dont worry wont create a tantrum over the spilled milk. but u know it always feels good to walk down the memory lane. At least now i dont repent that in my past i havent lived to the fullest. Past here mainly signifies IIFM days as no matter what i am un able to come out of it. Still i am trying to hold on to the utopia nameed IIFM and the more i try the more its slipping away. Sometimes its just hard to comprehend the fact that somethings just ended and one has to get over it. But then again as the folklore says theres treasure in the end of the rainbow. Fact is i and we found the treasure and the rainbow was iifm but u know what....perhaps everyone didnot realised this. Sam says lifes good live it....Dada says to grow in life u need to make contacts with big people....Ushnish Da says to hell with life....i love kolkata....Param Da says....Its all about prespective....Soumik says ....Biye kore naoo[ get married ]...PD says....i donno what he says....manocha says...lifes like wiskey so enjoy it....I say.....hmmmm who cares...
About iifm, i have never been the brightest of the scholars of pfm 2007 and never wanted to to start with i got some real good batch to live in...some real good friends with whome i spend time like there was no end, three seniors whome i like to hang out with mostly ushnish da . But the best is i got some real cool juniors as my friends......and no matterhow they are in studies these guys were the best in pfm 2008 and i am thankful to get aquainted with them as it meaned a lot to me. Manish, Anurag, Vaibhav, Sameer and two of the best bongo bashi that iifm could have had....kesto and basu..
why am i writing this i am not sure but perhaps everymorning when i wake up i search for arun and then realise iifm days are gone...this is not the bed in room no. 22. Everymorning i wake up and search for my heart...then i realise i have kept it as a safekeeping in the groves of IIFM.

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संतोष said...

IIFM is something which always triggers a whole gamut of emotions.
I am one of those who always relished every bit of IIFM and once you are out of IIFM you realize what was the worth..