Sunday, April 15, 2007


Man immeterialistic joke of the devine cretator of this world. An anomaly in the devine equation resulted in the formation of man. The only constant that can be related to a MAN is the word it is available in different forms and format...from vanilla to strawberry to butterscotch any flavour and u will get a congruent kind of a man...Now the only thing common in these various flowers of eden, which makes me term them flower, is the ego that basically is associated with this kind..
The ego is very hard to describe...kind of bullish nature that a man is born with....This gives each and everyone of them a sense of superiority and makes them feel like God...this feeling can be termed good or bad but one cannot take a very rational approach and generalise it. We make things works out of our ego....We fall down flat in our face because of our ego...battles are won and lost on the very basis of this ego....hearts are won and torn due to this very factor,,,ego is the substance.....a non volatile ....fragmented hook which makes man feel that whatever he does he can pull it certain extend it is so dangerous than man donot look into the other variables attached and purely act on the instinct guided by the ego that he has fueled thourghout his childhood..
Result....he repents later....then he c s his ego crashing and his dream falling apart. That time a man breaks and only at that time a man gets his enlightenment...the sullen fact that "he is an abberation of creation"

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