Thursday, January 15, 2009

An alibi

To kurt
You say yu will try my for a ride
yu say yu will never hide
Ruin me through my pride
Never do i want some one for a guide

The self-destructive narrcisste was her son
though they didn’t find a smoking gun
And the holy gods wont let her grave
he was expendable is what we believe

A dragon and a duck
A whiskey and some buck
A leaper girl for a fuck
I am lame but i can talk

Drapped in red while he bled
My lust and my libido and an empty bed
Yu r dust is my pride
Let the world see how i fly my kite

Yu r god or mine...
A Gun to settle scores and be fine
The shrouded one was with whom we dine
Choice is yu r s not mine

I need either a wife or a monkey
But i would never have both on me
A seamless question that needs answer
Can yu tell me how i deliver



Bubblegum said...

Man, thats intense...I read your blog properly today...You have some really honest opinions about things... I like that...
Your friend

Banz said...

good stuff man ...put sum music in it if u can ..i see the lyrics here ..

Rahul said...

Thans Radz...Long time no see...any way i tried to visit u r blog...somehow didnt find it this time....