Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blasphemy and Bombay burning

Amchi Mumbai!!!…the bada pao and the city that never sleeps….the spirit that burns with such a vigor that never can be clambered or dampened.

But now from 26 th November 2008 at 9.20 pm when the sun and mercury joined mars in the house of scorpio in the anuradha nakhatra and the moon in vishakha nakhatra Mumbai just experienced something which perhaps till date India has never actually experienced. This experience alone has changed perhaps the financial icon of India Mumbai and now even we the people of this country are really trying hard to come in terms with the facts that are reported in the news channels round the clock.

At this point of time if there is no repercussions from our own government or the Indian masses then one thing is clear, the country who won their freedom by begging really believes in that doctrine and always will take their independence lightly. After all this is a fucking big bonus now to the politicians to make issues and gather vote banks isn’t it?

Kind of hard to see that BJP and Narendra Modi were few days back trying to prove a point that the ATS chief Karkare was the villain for framing up media issues and now that same decreased person’s family has been offer 1 crore rupees as consolation prize money ( A family with self respect can and shall never accept that money).

When the crisis was still in Mumbai our prime minister was a big guy who boarded the plane with his opposition minister and landed in Mumbai for sightseeing. God help us all if these very simple aspects doesn’t really points to the fact that our very leaders and administration is amateurish in their approach. And guess what the opposition leader just after landing started his own arguments with the media covering few parroted sentences that that senile old man has been repeating for the last 4 years.

This is a war not only in Mumbai but in India and if the magnitude of this is in par with the 9/11 of the mighty USA but the repurcassion wont be the same just for the fact that we are a peace loving nation who goes around making peace with everyone but whose own country in falling into pieces with terrorist attacks every now and then. India has been bleeding for a long time and what has the administration really done to bandage these wounds. Well I don’t see anything substantial and neither do I expect anything substantial.

The whole episode of this war on Mumbai really exposed the might of India (if you really are in that state to call that a MIGHT anymore).
Frankly speaking these 15 or so young guys who attacked Mumbai has really made their big bosses filled with pride. And seriously guys if I was one of them now sitting in their base in some other country then I would really appreciate the very fact that even outnumbered by what lets suppose 1:20 ratio they held for more that 50 hours against the might of MARCOS, NSG etc who in total were around 490.
Not only that they got the top brasses of the ATS and police in such a humiliating manner which really shames all of us. A top ATS ( Anti- Terrorist Squad) was seen going into encounter with a .303.
Mumbai police if you are reading this the world is laughing at you. One of the 3 killed top officers were so fat that even a blind man can find a target at that person and guess what they found. The top brass encounter specialist perhaps have seen the first and the last of a real encounter in his life and for home much time I guess 2-3 seconds.
This is our police force that takes pride in killing immature street fighters in encounters who perhaps don’t know how to hold a gun properly. And this is something that we all must be very very ashamed off. A force ill equipped and forces perhaps corrupt to the core. But more than blaming the force for this the administration and the government is responsible for all this. Where is the money going man!!!!

The britishers always used to say that Indian know how to die but they don’t know how to fight and this is fucking too evident by the way this country has been running and the way our country is bleeding and by the way our fucking politicians has been using these issue as their vote bank.

Operation in Taj, Oberio and Nariman House..even at this point our NSG, MARCOS and other security might be saying that the operation has completed but my gut feelings tells me this operation was a big failure and world speculation will just blast off Indian security system specially with the manner perhaps the operation was carried out in Nariman house.

And why the hell did MARCOS came in front of camera and did that press review man is something which is fucking too stupid. The message that MARCOS press review would not only fuel the ego of those fucking terrorist but also send out a message to the world that MARCOS were really taken by surprise of the fact that the level of training these terrorist has is comparable to them. That press release should not have happened and still it happened because we and our fucking media is too eager for coverage and are too curious to poke our nose in affairs which are far greater than theirs. And if this was a MARCOS decision sorry to say this was a bad decision.

At least now that so much has been put in front of our government and administration they can at least try and boost the e-governance plan in India. IT will play a major role if only our government really understands the necessity of it. E-governance can be a solution in many aspects and even in interchange of intelligence.
And please at least give some better weapons to our police force. Please introduce some R&D and please put up the policy and laws accordingly. We all know religion do not have a name but now even after 15 years for fighting terrorist if Indian government is still trying out to find the name of their enemies shame on us who has selected these government from time and again.

Well for those people who think this was an act of terrorism guys this was an amphibian attack on Indian soil. An open attack to our freedom, to our country to our belief to our people to what we hold dear and to what little good there is still in our country. Arise O people of India!!! Arise and force this fucking administration and government of ours to take serious steps…. They say that one learns from past experience… our government has not learned anything from the past experience and neither is there is person even in any political party who will make a conscious effort to change things. We really need a hero now that we know that the country has been ran by dogs till date.

And lastly but not the least there is a big differences between the terrorist who were gunned downed and between the soldiers of India who fell fighting to keep those fuckers outside. Please bear that in mind the difference and if anyway we have woke up from our slumbers we must not let this go unaccounted.

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