Saturday, October 25, 2008

Them Us and God

Mahabharata the epic legend of India has been a perfect representative of Indian society from time immemorial. It represents the very classification and the diversion in the same race that man created and maintained from age old time.
In simpler words it is a legend which helps one to understand the very many stratification that people from that time has created and maintained. So does that means stratification in mainstream is not good. Well I donno but to me it seems very hard to run a society if there is not much stratification. Well one thing is every one cannot be equal, as every one does not possess the same qualities. A society needs a ruler or a leader. Now it also depends on the society how they choose this leader of theirs.

But yeah classification on the basis of ones birth is one real rotten practice that has been there in India from time immemorial. Examples like that of Ekalavya and the Great Kara and Dronachayra’s discrimination for teaching these greats only reconfirms the whole ideology that has prevailing in this country and I guess will prevail no matter how much people try to fight these evils.

The caste system is so strong that it has resulted into institutionalization of these kinds of stuffs making life more miserable for some and comfortable for some other section. Its such a parody that people of India keep all their god as Brahmins except for shani who is portrait as a untouchable and I guess given to the astrological reason that shani is one plant which really makes a person work for what he is worth on in this earth that people has tagged him as shudra. Even people and purans say that lord vishnus avatar will all be born in higher caste. Kind of makes me worried that if even our gods are so much worried about stratification then I am sorry they are really not our God.

But anyway who among us have heard the gods say this, its more or less man-mad story in the name of god. Reasons are very simple, a Brahmin from the very olden times are not good in anything except for uttering few slokes in Sanskrit and earn their bread through various religious pujas that were held and are still there now. Basically this section was the lazy unworthy section of people but yeah they were cunning in the same time.

It seems that the Brahmins have always been afraid that if one fine day they woke up and see that everyone in the country became atheist and discontinue to please god or everyone learns the required slokes of Sanskrit and conducts their puja themselves. This fear was not so unrealistic, yeah it couldn’t have happened in one night but yeah if every section of the Indian society was given the same provision then this might have been very much possible.

Hence Sanskrit has been made a language restricted to the only higher caste only. What a parody. From then onwards many such rules and regulation came up and many such discrimination came up in the name of religion that has made Indians proud of what they are now.

And guess what the institutionalization of caste system is so strong in India that Indian government has named one of its national awards for teachers after the name of Dronacharya.

Hindu mythology and prophecy are also based on these aspects of caste system. It is said that the 10th avatar of vishu will come to earth when in koli yuga the crime and sin will burden the life of people like anything. Then it is stated that kakli will be born to a higher caste Brahmin and destroy the wrong doers of this earth.

Now what I really want to ask is really do Vishnu really loves to take birth from a Brahmin womb, I mean come on he already did it twice once in his baman avatar, where he was a bikhshuk Brahmin and once in his Parashuram avatar where he was a Brahmin warrior. Now I don’t really find the rational of Vishnu taking a birth again as Brahmins. As Kakli puran was written in the glorified period of the Brahmin caste hence they portrait that kalki will be a Brahmin. Is that so necessary? Even if a person studies the Vishnu avatar then one can see that vishu has already taken birth as Brahmin, as ksatriya ( Ram) and as Vainav (Shri Krishna). Well tell me why not a shudra this time? If vishu is the creator of this entire world then I guess he holds the shudra dear to his heart as much as he holds Brahmins??

And guess what all this stratification in india has been done on the basis of birth and birth alone has decided the life of more than 99% of Indian population through out the ages. The rest 1% who came out of this birth system are godly.

Actually it seems so disturbing. People try to appease God to attain nirvana in after life whereas why don’t people try to attain the same nirvana in their life only. Why get stuck in this circle of stratification? Why not break the bonds?


Well its kind of hard to answer that why. They say its hard for a person to reject all the honor, power and prestige that one get when he is placed on the top of the system not on the credibility of his talent but just on the credibility of his birth.

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