Thursday, March 13, 2008


its been a long time till i posted last in here. Well this post is about that guy who was what he was and what he wanted to be. He was what he belived in but now lives as a brand commercialized by those who successfully managed to bargain certain monetary benifits from the image of this hugely immortal romantic adoring looks of che guevara rather than his beliefs.
Che guevara....perhaps the icon of one generation of 60s and 70s in india and the other parts of the world ( about the time when naxal idelogy got inspired from his ideologies ).Perhaps one person about whome you wont find a single document in internet which takes a nutral stance to analyse his deeds and so called ideology....Perhaps one person who is either fiercly adored or hugely hated by the mass of this world.
No my article here is not to analyse CHE but its just a poor attempt to describe what i feel for this man.
Seriously if u ask me how i came to know of CHE i will say it was only that i knew his potrail like picture that used to appear in various T-shirt and orkut profile and then i happened to came accross this potrait in a tatoo which came in newspaper where Maradona was shown sporting it.
Well then came motorcycle dairies and thats when i came to know a bit about him. Then i started to turn the e pages of history what ever that is avaiable in internet to know about him. Specifically who he was, what he did and how he died and how he was immortalized.
No matter how far i went in literature survey i found nothing but two general mass of this world fighting to prove the worth of this man.
WEll to start with this is the one for the people who loves che blindly...
CHE no matter what he did was primarily responsible for death for a huge number of people. No matter what his revolution was he was responsible for certain cold blooded execution which cannot be overlooked. Sending a person to death without a fair trail is not only in human but is a serious act of genocide towards the whole idea of altruism . CHE lack cunning as stated rightly by Castro himself. A Military leader leading a battle must be cunning and have a proper physical state that is recommended for a success of a military operation whereas CHE didnt have any of these. He was born with Asthema and was a emotional person who made descision from his heart rather than using his head. CHE had poor sense of economic understanded and was resposible for some serious crisis in Cuban economy.

( NOW this part is for the one who HATES him )
there were certain quality of this man which has been overlooked or which has been tarnised by historians who were paid by CIA to write history about CHE.
He is one such man who was born with a silver spoon in a poor country, who could have lived a life of peace and wealth , who studied medicine and who had the every chance of doing what we all want to do....but he didnt...
yes this man do lacks cunning....but .....isnt that so very necessary. THis man was not cunning enough to understand and value his own life but valued the life and the rights of the people who were in crisis at that peroid of time. This man was not cunning enough to understand that the world which was overburdened with its un controlled population would never think the way he thinks,,, this man was not cunning enough to understand that everyone craves for power and money and its the only thing thats the driving factor in a persons life. He was a fool, an honest fool if that what u all mean.
HE was fool enough to understand that big politics that was going around in 60s. He was a fool who identified that the world at that time was ruled by 2 super powers and they at that point of time were trying to get into a peaceful coexistance in order to reap the benifits of thier own exploits. He was a fool who understood that even communist countries had thier flaws at that time and openly spoke about it in his last public appearance only to be outcasted both by capitalist and communit nations, only to be outcasted from cuba, only to be out casted by his own Fridel Castro, Only to be betrayed when his farewall letter was made public,,, Only to be a MAN who stood for his beliefs....Only to be brave enough to dream a dreaded dream which we all are so very afraid to dream of even with our eyes closed. Yes he was not cunning.
Had CHE lived he would not have been a beliver of any political or economical idelogies. He would have lived in seclusion feelig pity and hate for himself for dreaming an impossible dream.
But here he is living inside all those ornamental rugs as an icon and a style statement.
YOu wont understand his life , neither will i coz i havent seen him. He is much before my time. But what i understand is in the pages of history i came across a man who meaned what he said, who did what what he belived and who died ......for what was never his.
No i dont want to term him as a hero. ITs for you to descide. But yes i do respect a man who had all the riched and opportunities to lead a comfortable life but opted to choose a path where there is a bullet waiting for u at every corner and where there is reward over your head and where there is no food and where that man is trying to fight for those who didnt had the balls to stand for thier own right. I think that was madness but as they say there is a very very thin line of differance between madness and overwhelming love.

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Bubblegum said...

Hey Rahul/ Roby,
Well first off, Thank You for your comment on my poems.When I 1st saw it I was like, Whoa finally a comment which is true!
You were correct about my writing style. I write without editing anything. It flows out straight from my heart. I just have to pen down my feelings and if it rhymes all the better.
Most of my poems are 2 or 3 years old. I too had stopped writing like you but picked it up recently after reading a lot of Wordsworth, Poe and Colleridge (Maybe you should do the same)
As for your blog,I think you write well, but honestly I cant get the hang off it, Coz you write so damn well!!
Keep writing and do come back to my blog!!
And... now you are NOT a "loser who I dont know"...