Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I got so high I scratched till I bled and then you came to make all amend....the plastic laughter was just there to stay while I was in you and you were in me..though I know it is not a dream, while the hope one holds to is just like a soap like the end of a rainbow or the end of a rope while the listless mind wont mind again.....though i am dry i can make u wet while the angels and devils try to make thier lair own and i was blind but yet too bold but the golden wings are just too heavy to fly though there is thousand miles to fly love to hate the hatered in love and the passon of symmetry is just a fallacy and with time the pain grows and stays and the judge would make the kids cry over an issue of disputed french fry, light a match stick to judge me while i suck on to a chocolate treat.....and he killed hiself coz he wanted to live, living behind a bag of dry green leaves....And while i am left to burn In my memories the dreams has stored but I belive it was fun while you infected me with your sore....and i am sitting here doing nothing but aging while you all are having fun.....crossroads are always to be crossed though they nailed thier god to the cross but we all are happy to be sad in order to make him glad. In defense I m neutured and spayed ....what the hell i am trying to say....yeah i remeber in the fading memories.........With the Lights out its always less dangerous....

(p.s. most of the line are my own though I have heavily burrowed from nevermin of Nirvana in many aspects here and at time used some of thier lines also)

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