Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On my 27th Birthday


Another year about to bite the dust!!! and here I am looking at the mirror trying to make out the differance in me.....Is there any.???? So Lets suppose that my 27th Birthday is the last for my life and now if given a chance that I wish 10 things to change in my life if I would have to relive it...what would I wish....?????
Well yeah what if that was too good or bad a wish to make true but lets say I am asked this question so how will I go ahead making that bucket list........

So here goes mine.....the 10 things which I perhaps would have loved to happen in my life......
1. I wist my girlfrd would have loved me till I was 27.....and never felll out of it....
2. I wish I could make the funeral of my cousin brother shantu who killed himself because he couldnt quit drugs
3. I wish I was left in shillion for some more years of my life...
4. I wish I could see Kurt Cobain sing Rape me in stage in Kolkata
5. I wish Gautom Chottopadhaye had taught me to play guitar
6. I wish I could jam with some poeple and form my own band at the age of 18
7. I wish I had a elder sister of my own
8. I wish I was witty and good with wordss.
9.I wish I could always color my dreams with all colors under the sky
10. I wish i could sing good
So i guess thats my list

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bigsna said...

Thats an honest list. I like it :) :)