Monday, November 09, 2009


To Kurt
What price do we pay for rationality?
At what cost do you get sanity
Bricks and concrete is surrounding humanity
To see the kids play in playground is a fallacy

The time machines is said to bring maturity
Yet there is something missing in me
Yesterday I could sit by my window and forget reality
Today I wish that for eternity

Yesterday Gariahat was a charm
To meet her in Rashbihari was fun
The expectation to save and buy a chicken roll was a delight
The fun of constant incompleteness and the fight

The durga puja and the inventory growth
Asthami anjali and its incomparable wroth
Diwali and the color of the fire
Ohh much I long for them and desire

To explore the unexplored was a fantasy of old
To cycle through a paddy field can be compared to gold
To puff a cigeratte and then withhold the smell
Ohh how fascinating was that sweet little hell

I still see the window, but now it’s staring at me
In a subtle manner its screaming that I lost myself to me
Yesterday when I used to peek I used to see the sky, the sun and the rain
Today it shows me the concrete, brick and pain

Yet sometimes when I sit by it in the night
I can still see the stars glimmer in far sight
The windows whispers me in my ear then
Is it love or is it pain??


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