Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drifter or Wanderer....Is it the same???

During my PRINCE 2 certification I met two people in Malviya Nagar Guest House during my dinner every day. Though the first 3 days I hardly talked to them but on the 4th day it so happened that somehow I asked for the rice from one of the two. As he was passing on the rice we began to exchange plesantaries while he asked me what's u r job profile in here. So I said I am bloody consultant in e-gov and blah blah blah. To this he asked I must have had a IT background to which I nodded. He then asked I must also have had a Master's in IT also....to which rectified him that I do have a masters but its in Forest Management.
Well this struck him hard in the face. Then I told him that I am here for the PRINCE 2 certification and hence I am kinda stressed out. To this he replied that never ever take this certification courses for promotion purpose only. Try to utilize it in your own life. Then he said he was also doing PMP certification himself.
Any way the next day his boss...the other guy was also there in the table and when I got introduced to him he was like...woaha....The momet he heard forest management...I knew what he was going to ask next...
Well given the fact that I did B.Tech in computer science then Forest Management then worked in TERI for 1 year 3 months in Renewable Energy stuff and then was job less for 7 months where I travelled a bit with Hans to his kerala farm and then ended up in Wipro as a e-gov consultant who is rite now doing his PRINCE 2 certification and @ the same moment his also trying to do a distance course in Bussiness Law ...it is evitable a person will ask me ...." WHAT DO U WANT TO DO IN LIFE"
U know what I answered....I said I wanna be a farmer who owns 200 acers land...and do farming and ranching there....
To this all that person asked me was..." U dont wanna be a part of this devine rat race"
Well answer was I already am....but I somehow at time get out of it from time to time......

"Well the above description of me by me may most probably potray myself in fornt of all of you that I am a drifter. A person who dosnt have an aim or a ambition......
Well ....but I myself would rather coin the word wonderer associated with me than being termed as a drifter....All my steps in life was a choice...it was like they say in Russian ruolettee....One shot...Everything was a choise. I tried mostly not to make a compromise by keeping my expectations low perhaps...like from day 1 I wanted to be in IIFM more than perhaps I ever dreamed of been in IIMs. Thats choice....and wondering from the B.tech to Forest Management was also a choice...so no I am not a drifter ....I am a wonderer.. I explore things....and the journy continues. These two Wipro guys whom I met said that I am yet to make a choice in life>>> :)
Maybe they r right maybe I already made the choice...."To be the wonderer"
Wat I want to ask is ..." Why worry so much about making choices and doing one thing day in and day out when you know that one day you will outgrow your own self...??"....Life is simple..Life is complex....but thats just a point of view....:) But frankly speaking we all are in a pilgrimage.....soo why worry....the day we complete our pilgrimage, that day life comes to full circle and then the wonderer completes his/her journy....that I think then perhaps will make sense......But till that day lemme wonder in this Garden of Eden...coz i would love to taste the honey of all the flowers that bloom here....:

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