Tuesday, February 02, 2010


To Kurt

When it was then I was always looking for answer
Though now I have ended up only with questions to last forever
Wondering in the orchids looking for apples
Didnt realize I was lost among peach tress and maples

Expecting not to expect gains in love
Though I would love to shoot the white dove
Always wanted to know one simple thing
Is hell a cold or a Hot place to live in

The road I hate has always been a crossroad
Accepting change for me has never been bold
Flowers now dont appeal to me
Strangely I know that color is fallacy

Fell in love with the darkness within
Ohh how much fun their is in sin
Temptations is the resultant of free will
The time is ripe to give in

Somehow love is just mimicry
May be it is just a Camouflage of hypocrisy
Maybe it tastes like wild strawberry
May be it is nothing but a disjoint fallacy

I wish I was in you
And wish you to be true
I wish to know.........
Everything I will ever know


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this one is your best ever.... too gud