Wednesday, June 02, 2010


To Kurt

The mirror shows my inner fear

Getting high was so much dear

I will ever medicate

Will you ever forget to hate

I can make you laugh again

Or is there something else you gain

Willl ther be no peace again

Sorry state in a princely game

The smoking gun was left aside

And he lay there in his plight

The nurse gave us the lactating milk

Jesues I need your wine to drink

And then I see him in my dream

He forgot to smile, thats what it seems

And then I reaslise he hanged himself

Dead man never likes to play games

My though compiled into this

Will you ever walk out of me again

Oooo this is me in Love again

When I start melting

And She will see another me

When I am through with my fallacy

And If I be ever allowed to know

Everything I will ever know


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