Friday, June 04, 2010

Paranormal or Abnormalities

Well as far as I can tell I have a certain belief in spirits, Gods, Devils but I have rather been confused all over my life on the issues wether any one of us can contact them or not. I am gonna share a few incidents of my life which I have yet been unable to explain to my own self in a very satisfactory level but I know that there are several possibilities which can fit in that case.

The weird act of Brownie

Brownie was my dog when I used to stay in Shillong. I still donot knwo what breed he was coz I am not very good with Dog lore, only I remember that he was kinda huge and brown and furry and hence I kept his name brownie. Thing is brownie was originally the dog of the landlady Mrs. Fhukan but somehow she didnt like the dog after she bought two new spitch hence she turned browine out of her home. Borwnie got to stay in the compound though and mom and me somehow stuk notes with brownie.
In the same compounf stayed another tenant like us. They were from Assam and the kids of that family were my friends at that time namely Giti and Anirban.
Now this incident happened on the day when Anirbans Mom received the news of her dad's (anirbans grandfather) passed away. The family couldn't leave for Assam that day itself as there was curfew after 40 mins in shillong and a band on the next day.
Any way I was young and it didnt matter much to me but only the aspect that Anirban never came to play with me that evening made me bored. In the hills people eat early and go to sleep early. Same were we as mom dad and my self would have our dinner by 8 in the night and go to bed by 8:30. Before having dinner we used to also make arrangement for Brownie's dinner.
That night though brownies behaviour was a bit changed. After evening only we can hear borwnie barking loudly and running across the compund specially near to Giti's and Anirbans home as if chasing someone. The barks became persistent and mom, Dad and myself went out to see if brownie was ok. Whenever brownie saw us it would sooth him a bit and he would stop barking but then again as we entered our house he would start barking like hell. Even our assamese neighbours were worried that wether there was any person stalking to steal or something like that. Though given to the fact that cases of theft in Shillong in those days were as alien as finding a Dragon in Saturn. But anyway stray cases of drug addiction etc are always there.
So no matter what brownie kept the barking persistent even when we went for bed. Again twice I saw dad getting out in the compound and then brownie became quite. So any way we all gave up on him and thought that he must have gone crazy. After sometime though we heard a huge shriek from our Assamese neighbour. And then can hear the parents calling my mom and dad frantically. On enquiring the family stated that as they were lying in thier bed and they could hardly sleep due to brownies barks both the husband and the lady saw the lady's dads apparation standing right in front of them beside thier bed.
The whole story really scared me. Moreover the whole night brownies weird barking and the same night a ghostly sighting by our neighbours really puts up this question....Can dogs really see ghosts???
Before the event and after the event I never had heard brownie bark that much.....he was a fat happy go lucky kinda dog....

Next post will consits of the next three four incidents....

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