Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sail for the hrizon

To Kurt

The body was the vessel with my heart as its captain
Sailing was really fun with all these makeshift arrangement
Though mostly the ship never had a sail or a mast
Yet the fun was to wonder in the sea which we perceived vast

There were no albatross neither a jingle bell to toll
Though the sky looked like as if it was about to fall
The mast held on and so the speed
But never ever the captain gave a damn to speed

There were many ports to reach many places to visit
Though it was never mandatory to follow a list
Amid sharks and whales the ship kept its sail
Amidst stormy waves and lashes of hail

No need to worry about the father son and the ghosts
To sail by its own self was what mattered most
Though there were few or many who crossed road
Yet to sail alone was what the captain told


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