Monday, September 06, 2010

The Last Rite

To Kurt

The days grow old and the songs go dry
The leaf went gold and the mood wept and cry
The wound wont heal and I am beyond redemption
To make a comeback is just another apprehension

Good bye, I never been what you wanted to be
Though Honesty have been from mine towards thee
The body refuses to take the burden of mine
25 years seems too long a crime

And here I am facing death on its eye
A truth eventually which you all will try
And here I am scared of taking the dive
Oh how much I love my pathetice posetive vibe

And when its all done by the end of the day
I will be in a place far far away
I will waiting for you brother in the end of the light
U may be scared but dont worry I will help you in your flight


Death smiles on us all, the best a man can do is smile back. This poem is dedicated to my brother who committed sucide because he couldnt quit drugs. No I am not ashamed for him and neither I find him disgusting. He made choices in life that was his own and lived by it and died by it. At least he didn't faked his life by a plastic smile in his face stating everything is ok. I will still remember his words stating " if an organ in your body is affected by cancer, the best treatment is to cut it off from your body".....I know he is there in the end of the tunnel waiting to receive all of us when we make our journey...I just wish that he found the peace there that he didn't find here.

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