Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Last Stand

To Kurt

No matter what
I am crazy yes
You make me feel
Dizzy yes
I know that
I will never know
Too many choices
Too many places to go
Love to love
The pun of love
Love to hate
The truth of death
Then I wonder
Where to wonder
Save your sympathy
Who will care for thee
The moments gone
And I am waiting again
Addicted to your
Hypocritic wonder
And I saw her
In the wake of the edge
Why do I care
Why should I fetch
And there you go
With your lore
And Here I am
Making my stand
Will you run away
Would you turn back
I dont care
Coz I dont wonder
You maybe in a cross road
Or in the middle of a road
I am in dead end
Or is it the start my friend
Plans to plan
And I wanna run
And yet here I will make
My final Last stand


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