Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mediocre Me...

To Kurt

Hey You, Will you be me
To feel my apathy
Seemly no
Oh yeah Baby tell me so

Finality of Therapy
Awkward resolution to squeeze me
In Love with the dirty golden liquid
Need some help to keep the high spirit

Hell ya! I bought my self some smile
Need to store them in a file
Come on girl lets dine
Wont eat you, trust me you be fine

The roses are red
Colored by blood
Yet the colors fade with time
Need a gun to paint them fine

And I am poor
But are you sure
There is another door
Hidden somewhere in this smoky floor

And we trade here forever
Status for fun is a mighty endeavour
To be branded mediocre by another mediocre
Well I am the jack who's better than the other

Love the sunshine just like you
Yet its limited only to the few
And the spot lights focused on the parasites
Hiding their face behind someones hide

The foolish men and the silver screen
The men in the green field are just too mean
But the kingdom was filled with blind men
And they threw down the green note in the dirty drain


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