Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Vanguard

To Kurt
Ever and ever they call your name
Getting higher by playing  the philanthropic game
And oh how you bully us all to shame
The gratification that comes with each of your blame

The massacre of the humankind
Equality precedes the talented mind
But how to measure the fallacy of doom
When you push us all in one room

Morbid fascination and the contemplation
Register free for your subscription
To be guided in the guild of happiness for all
Oh what a fun....let us all take the fall

Some one cried freedom from somewhere
Then you find them play truth or dare
While he was glittering in the stage my dear
And we were confuse as whom to fear

Suddenly a crack made the mirror to break
The smile and the laughter were just fake
The scale again was tilted to one side
Equality ran out in shame to hide

And then the fools pranced up the stage
Only to find them selves in a cage
While the shinny guy tuned back his head
And Says “I win your stakes and that is what I will take….”


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