Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I don’t usually find much kick writing my thoughts without rhyming them and now that I have really reached and stretched the limitation of my limited vocabulary I find it extremely tough to actually pen down my thoughts exactly the way I think them to be.

Yet off late and for quit some time I have been totally pondering on aspects which are perpetually not necessary for a guy like me to contemplate on. I am 29 now. Working, doing exactly the things I would never love to do but I guess I am doing it because I was raised and trained in that way where my priority would actually be on my needs than that of my wants. Yes, no matter what I haven’t yet been able to take the jump and well I guess now that this life is gone by, maybe next time.

Now here is a catch. Having wasted three decades I wonder the enormity of the sin I have committed. Thing is we take many things granted and acted upon the same with the least care and dedication. Resultant is people end up like me. I mean mostly but not all.

The pursuit of Happiness is the actual happiness rather than the illusionary moment that is reached only for a fraction of second in that pursuit. Now is it like reaching climax while self pleasing? I though find it very difficult to segregate the fact about which one is more pleasurable …..The way to the climax or the climax itself…?? Kind a tough and I bet there will be a healthy difference of opinion but the important aspect of the whole thing is to feel well let’s say….gratified!!

Now gratification is the key word. The finality and the absolute in this dynamic world. A world where it’s hard to measure the absolute sense of any thing and great mind like Cantor went mindless figuring those out, the ultimate God numbers. Cracking the code to define everything perhaps by its true name, value, or quantity but most importantly the depiction of true number. Any way the point is to define and brand things in absolute terms and making it possible.

Now that human mind is yet to comprehend the whole aspect and foundation of infinity and define of the absoluteness of the same, hence it is best that till that time let us take gratification as the absolute reference of human life. Now gratification and the means of achievement of gratification is an elusive corridor which is most of the time veiled with many a distractions of mundane daily needs.

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