Monday, August 06, 2012

The Keeper of Creed

To Kurt
Passion for faith and a fire for hate
In your name I will raise the dead
The banners raise and the sigil flies high
Still my soul feels all dry

Am I in you or are you in me
They say you have power to make the blind man see
Some says you speak to Mosses through a tree
Are the men of this world really free?

My existence fuels your ego
People say you gain what you sow
The rumor was that the son’s wife was a whore
Mary was never lets off that door

O creator you created us all
Where would you be if everything fall
Who will serve you in they hallowed hall
With all the human’s dead and gone

The Magnus carter was never drawn up
The king, the shepherd….and the dirty dog
The world is wrapped in a blanket of fog
Creed was like a leech sticking out of wet log

My head live up to your expectation
Baseless act is faith’s demonstration
Tell me how many wars have been fought in your name
O I forgot…..for you it’s just a game

Orderliness is a state of mind
Randomness is entropy of its own kind
Though the quest to devise the order in chaos is still on
Till then perhaps your rule will not fall

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