Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Radheya not Kauntiya

To Kurt

Radhyea is my name
In being suta, there is no shame
Yet the world has never acknowledged me
Always judged by prejudice and hypocrisy

Yet you all mock me
And get cheap trill out as your glee
Not because of my ability
But because of an incapability

An incapability that was not my own
O lords!!!….cursed is the baby on whose birth his mother frown
The river took me to another probability
Ostracised by birth and crippled by humanity

And yet here I am, making my own stand
Burdened by three curses, un burdened by my friends command
Here o Arjuna the thunder of my Vijaya
Take up that Gandiva of your and string thy pratanchaya

Fight well of son of Kunti, for you know your identity
And I live in a distant dream of lie and obscurity
For the god favour your today and blessed you with immortality
But you have my word o Kauntiya, for you I will not make it easy

My path finder is my sworn enemy
My teacher’s curse is my blasphemy
The Brahmins curse is hypocrisy of humanity
Even the goddess earth will not spare me

Blessed are you who have the Narayan as his path finder
Blessed are you who have his enemies favour
But o Arjun , where is your greatness
Your fight doesn’t have any fairness

But I don’t complain for I know it’s a war
And even if you or your honestly falter
For I am a warrior by action not birth
And hence I don’t complain to make it an unworthy situation

O Kaunteya for you has everything a boy can dream
A doting mother who was also a queen
An exemplary teacher who for your sake would scheme
A beautiful wife for whom any man would kill

For I have been a lone wolf ever since
This war here is the end of everything
You Pandav and Kurus are fighting for the kingdom and gain
I o Arjuna, is just here to prove my mantle and for the glory and fame

As suta I lived and I know as suta I will die
But first we live and taste ourselves to a new high
But as all men must die, so shall you
So take up that Gandiva and let’s be through

Spurned by politics, and rejected by society
No one took the pain to teach me
My caste didn’t allow me to be me
And your prejudice was a hilarious hypocrisy

I guised myself as a godchild
Only to be cursed as a charlatan in the wild
But o Krishna I have a question for thee
What would your beloved Arjun do if he knew the truth about me

I won’t question your action my lord
When you shamelessly disclosed my identity and the fraud
Not stopping at that you shamelessly sent her to me
Begging me of her son’s life, which by heart I would do I glee

But tell me o great one, I have given everything and more
Yet this world is not satisfied of its gore
My mother came begging for the life or her children
Forgetting that I too was their older brethren

But here I am stripped to the core
My emotions in turmoil and my armour sore
But tell me o lord how will you measure this man
I am still here to make my last stand


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