Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lament of a Dying man

To Kurt

O the fire in my veins
Her laughter my loss and the shames
Yet my blood boils to the core
I feel dharma has been violated and made obscure

As I wonder around in rage
I dream of the past in haze
Looking forward to quench the thirst of my body
O how can I end this metaphoric blasphemy?

And eye for and eye and blood for blood
Yet I feel betrayed by the lord’s honeyed talk
And as I remain seated I hear their war cry
Laughter escaped my lips yet the throat feels dry

The son of death lord beckons me
The gale child howls to make me flee
The so called mightiest archer wants to rain fire and blight
Killed vasusena from behind, such was his might

But this thirst cant be quenched
As I sat drenched
While the pandavs call me names
To provoke me for their own gains

Don’t they know that I am sinner?
Who unknowingly pitted brother against brother?
What good are they though who all married one woman?
A turned their great Indraprastra into a harem

The 5 were celestial born, not of pure bloodline
Yet our own ancestor found them fine
My father though as per rule was older and the proper heir
Yet his blindness was discredited and they found Padu fair

Oh lord I evoke the ancient rules to show you this usurper
Yet I found that they hall had your favour
Now they dare come to my domain calling me coward
I will meet them and help them fulfil their reward

And the foolish Yudhistir made a pact
To return my kingdom as a matter of fact
Choose a warrior and a weapon
And I will make sure that you both fight in open

And I could have chosen him then and there
And smashed his head with my mace but it won’t be fair
A the cow herd awaited petrified at Yudhistirs foolishness
My answer brought him back from his despair and filled him with happiness

The god child was blessed with power
Yet he laced skill of mace, grace and was more of a brawler
We fought till my skills surpassed his stamina
And I noticed the worried frown in the eyes of Pandava

Yet they were the shameless one
The God child defied the rules of engagement of the cow herd’s fun
This whole war for establishment of the eternal law
Was nothing but a paradigm shift of perception with enormous flaw?

O son of Drone tell me where is the justice in this reverberation
Tags were interchanges and heroes died and anti-heroes are in celebration
Save the world from this blasphemy my friend
Kill them all before death takes you, though I know the reason this world can never comprehend


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