Friday, July 18, 2014

The Virgin

To Kurt
A little lassie and the bonnie lad
Each other was what all they had
The love of sibling was never corrupt
But for the lad the end was abrupt

The lassie was bonnie and a darling of all
Yet her parents wanted her to take the fall
She was sold in the name of love
Yet her spirit was unbroken by her parents bluff

The lover ravaged her in her first night
Yet no one was there to hear her plight
Her life was chained in a golden prison
Her spirit yarned for love for some unknown reason

The blue sky kindred the fire of her spirit
The waves of the sea enticed her soul and gave her lift
Yet her shackles was too tight to let her go
And she stood alone wondering how it felt to flow with the flow

The lover was a green-eyed goblin
His lust was a by-product of his sin
Yet he was unable to gratify her passion
And decided to kill her and that befitted his ambition

He bloodied her the way a butcher bloodies a lamb
Yet no one can deny god’s hand
She bled and yet she breathed
Promised her lover that she can’t be contained

And then the chase began
It was a run for life and a fun for them
She realised how lonely she was
Yet for the first time she freedom was hers

Till the time they forgot her name
And her parents considered her as their shame
And yet she lived, working her way up the ladder
Her spirit and soul was all that she would adhere

There came many lovers later though
With promises and honeyed tongue of that of a foe
Their sweet talk made her dream again
But then they all placed her in the stand and judged her by her past to show she was a vain

The world laughed at her helplessness
And she cried silently at their selfishness
Till she realised that her dreams has turned into nightmare
And the lads flocked her just because she was fair

This continued till the time there were many flies humming by her
There came a person who was really sincere
She felt the lotus of love blossom for the very first time
Yet trusting him completely felt like a crime

What she would do is what she should do
Yet to comprehend the same was too much of a clue
The society never will understand her love for this person
Would she listen to her heart or would she let go of this only spring’s blossom ?


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