Sunday, November 08, 2009

The eagle's stronghold

To kurt

A mighty eagle caught in the rain
Drenched wet and yet trying to gain
The wind is fast and the situation vain

He had wings which were his
He maybe little but big his heart immense
But the rain was hard and the clouds dense

The charm of flying is to fly alone
The mighty eagle did it in his own
Yet the raindrops were like thorn

He knew he was mend to fly
No matter how hard the rain or wind ply
So he flew along in the stormy sky

Destination was never meant for him
To fly across the sky was the dream
For splendor and honor and self esteem

The drag of the wind and the weight of the rain
And yet there in the sky he remain
As if making a last stand in the game of pain

He did what he was mend to do
With the might of his wings there he flew
While other down below didn’t had a clue

He never sold his freedom my fried
He knew once you loose there’s no amend
Small little thing we humans don’t comprehend


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