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The Wild Horse of East: Mohiner Ghoraguli

Here I am setting @ the dead end of night....I see the huge majestic mountains from my hotel window in sikkim and its bloody cold and the moon light is just as soothing like milk flowing down from the shoulder of a beautiful fair girl....basically @ this point of time in night any one can go crazy.....Sadly the only thing I get to do @ this point of time is listen to some old bangla contemporary music by Mohiner ghoraguli. And I kept wondering.

Basically this blog post is about those wild horses from kolkata who didnt let themselves be tamed by the market or the people of their time. Bong's have been only obsessed with Rabindro Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti through out and even after 60-70 years a bong still keeps holding on to it without realizing that they never accepted change so readily as they should have. They dont understand that Rabindro Sangeet was revolutionary in nature as it was something new that time...It was change and Bengali's made it their tradition. Nothing bad in that but sadly they became soo obsessed with it that after that people started resisting anything new...anything radical, anything directly from the heart. Even today when I talk about music with any bong most of them from somewhere return back to technicality of music and how perfect Rabindra Sangeet and rraags and etc. I mean wtf man???? Is music all about technicality.....I see young kinds even today dragged down to music classes and made to sing songs which they perhaps wont even understand and most of the time dont like to as it gets boaring. Or rather its more like academic aspect for every bong household. Every one in kolkata learns how to play a guitar or sing song or any music instrument from an age when perhaps they don’t even understand or don’t want to do that....I basically parents rob a kid of his fun. Yes fun. Life is all about fun and how much fun u has in there. A kid needs a space...a Boy needs a space and a man needs a space in order to understand what they want to do in a particular time.....bongs by far has never understood this it seems.......So due to this for ages Bengali music was all about Rabindra Sangeet or the melodic film songs..
But then again it is said that when a race is becoming too much stereotype God sends one person to be radical, to change things, to bring in the storm of passion, to do something which others find difficult to comprehend. This time it was Goutom Chottopadhaya aka Moni Da...
By profession he was a MR and spend time in Bhopal ( The City which I love soo much ) and Jabalpur. Yet he was a Venusian. He was made with tunes, notes and rythem. So it was quit natural that MR job was not what he would be satisfied with. He was a person who s life revolved around music and songs and compositions. He was meant to be an example and destiny had chosen him to be that.
Even in his MR days he would compose songs from time to time. But how long can you cage a wild horse. How long can the stregth of the materialistic chain hold the firey spirit of an untamed wild mustang ???
But still Bong s at that time perhaps were not ready for Moni Da and his group of wild horses. Yet the group came into existence in 1974. Was it something that made Kolkata have this group ???? Sometimes I laugh @ kolkata and its dwellers who never recognize something radical and something which will make you go wild and have fun .....many an artist were lost because of this attitude but we still remain the same. We still are afraid to walk out of our small pond of Rabindra Sangeet or Nazrul Geeti.
Well 1974 was not exactly a rosy period for Mohiner Ghoraguli to bring their radical tunes for the Bong people who were too skeptical and too immature to understand one simple fact......A song is sung from ones heart and an instrument is played with doesn’t have to be technically right or traditional. Thing which is still the same to a certain aspect.
But still the wild horses were untamed....they roamed about where ever they wanted to, did what they wanted to, sang their hearts out and never gave it a two though whether people listen to them or not coz they were having fun. People of Kolkata if you think you r independent please think again...U r fucking slave of your own self created superior complex that your race and culture is much above all. Mohiner Ghoraguli was not about a radical music band. They defined passion and independence which we bongs lack soo much. It s not about right or wrong in doing something but it is about doing something in a passionate manner......Its about loving your self ...Its about the ecstasy and the fun resulting on being able to do what you want to do.

People of kolkata you had the best chance to build on the contemporary music industry in 1974 and yet bengali music is struggeling. Mohiner Ghoraguli performed from 1974 to 1981. They were not accepted by the society whoes next generation would follow these band of the yester year like GOD. But yet Moni da was an artist by heart and he didn’t know how to sell his song and no matter what they didn’t sell their selves to the liking of the people at that time.

So no matter what the stringent traditional culturally detuned society of ours were not able to buy their souls. No matter what Mohiner Ghoraguli kept their identity and integrity and didn’t sell out. The band broke up in 1981. No one knew about them, no one was interested about the. They were like a dust in the wind. But no matter what these wild horses had by then planted the seed of radical contemporary music in the womb of kolkata. Be it dormant yet it was there bidding its time to come out and bloom.................

It was not till 1990 when Moni da again came back to do what he loved doing best. But by then the time has changed. Sadly Moni da passed away in 1999 but in these 9 years he made kolkata stoop down to have a sip of his flavor of music. Some of the most excellent songs were presented to the people. Yes the wild horses were old yet they were untamed, yet they had that same fire in their heart which @ last burned out the whole pseudo high traditional superiority complex of the bongs in Bengal. Was it a make over??? no it wasn’t.. It was just that the direction of the breeze blowing over kolkata and bengal changed. The same culture that was under the impression of their high class tradition is basically licking the dust right now when any fucking singer comes out with a detuned Rabindro Sangeet during durga pujo or the same bengali culture who renounced the horsed because of thier wildness and was totally into the melodies of uttom suchinra movies music are basically left dumb with the kind of music that tollywood rite now have bee producing.......Well aint that an irony that Mohimer ghoraguli made their mark after 30 years???? Well they were ahead of their times by 30 years….

Mohiner Ghoraguli songs are not just song for us, it our feeling, we connect so much to it because all the songs of moni da were of common people, is my feeling of every day and is our emotion of everyday.....every moment ....It always about is emotion...there is nothing right or wrong in emotion, there is nothing wrong or right in music as such as long as its own, original and sang with heart.......

No the wild horse from the east never charged and swept aside others......they ran freely and grazed on when and where they wanted and covered ground in the long run. They might have lacked direction but who cares about direction when the world is your canvas......So who now cares about the elite Bongs who renounced everything new........The wild run of the Mohiner Ghora at this age in this new millennium taught the young horses of bengal do what their earlier generation has been afraid of doing.....Dream and passion

Yes the war paint of these wild horses has gone grey with the sunset in 1999. Yes Moni Da sings no more for us.....But Moni Chara Sunno Lage.....( theres a void without moni)........But yes we all sing for Moni Da now.....

At the end I would say perhaps their music carrier as such was as hazy as a foggy winter morning but for these wild horses it was a journey……. a pilgrimage

So @ the end it is just like of their songs :-

Bhalobashi joshnaye kash bone chut te
Chaya mela etho pothe bhalo bashi hate
Dur Paharer Gaye Godhulir Alo mekhe
Kache Dakte Tante Sobuuj digante
Tobuyo kichu jano Bhaloje lagena kano
Udashi pother majhe mone pore thake jano
Kothaye roye jano lukiye bishad tobuyoo

Bhalo lage dingi nooukaye chore bhaste
Projaputi buno hash bhalo lage dekhte
Jalnar kone boshe udashi bikel dekhe
Bhalobashi ek mone kobita porte
Tobuyo kichu jano Bhaloje lagena kano
Udashi pother majhe mone pore thake jano
Kothaye roye jano lukiye bishad tobuyoo

Jookhon Dekhi ora Kaaj kore grame bondoree
Sudhuyee foshol koonaye gham jhoraye mathe prantore
Tokhon bhalo lagena lagena ko kichuyee
Subee kache eyee sho bhalo bashi ekthaeye eye sob kichuyee

P.S......The song Bheege Bheege song from Gangster was a excat remake of " Pritibi ta naki choto hote hote" by The Mohimer Ghoraguli

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